April 25, 2014 Friends of Telluride ~ As the local saying goes, "We came for the skiing and stayed because of the summers!" Spring has sprung here in Telluride and we look forward to 5 months of 70 degree weather, hiking, fishing, golfing, rafting and biking, not to mention another outstanding line up of summer festivals.   The first festival event (one of our favorites), currently in its 36th year, the Mountainfilm Festival is a four-day, six-senses experience of art, ... Read More


The new addition to the Nerlin Family!

Hannah's Sleepy Face

Just wanted to introduce everyone to the new addition to the Nerlin family, Hannah. We have forgotten just how much trouble a Labrador pup can get into. Also just how sharp their teeth are. My hands look Like I have been sword fighting with Zorro.  It’s hard to keep her busy, but we’re trying which is good for both of us because every morning we are going on walks together to try and tire her out to slow her down a little bit. Let’s hope we all live through it!   ... Read More

Changing Seasons

Fall Round-Up

    Fall is in the air and that means that it is time to start gathering the cattle out of the high country to bring them back to lower lands.  We rounded up some cows in Ridgway that were herded to the sorting corrals where we separated the calves from their mothers to get them ready from market.         Loaded out a semi load of calves the next day, who are going to be auctioned off at a televised sale. Spring and fall are two of my favorite times of the year as it gives me ... Read More

Jim & Peggy Nerlin

When Jim and Peggy first met, she was not a horse person.  He grew up on a working ranch near Red Lodge, Montana.  She was a city girl from Orange County, California.  They made a deal that, if he would learn to play tennis then she would learn to ride horses.  This agreement has worked out well for the last 34 years.  He says she's an excellent rider and she sometimes lets him win at tennis.   They keep a couple of registered quarter horses on their 40 acres in Carstens Ranch, 30 minutes from town so ... Read More